College basketball prediction

College basketball prediction

November 27th College Basketball news ... College basketball prediction was created to assist the college hoops gambler in cashing in from the preseason tournaments all the way through March Madness.

Welcome to, the place with all of your college round ball information. Whether you are a casual bettor or a seasoned pro, this site is a must visit in order to gain an advantage over the “house”.

This site was created to assist the college hoops gambler in cashing in from the preseason tournaments all the way through March Madness. Be sure to log on daily for all of the latest information, news and tips during the college b-ball season.

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March Madness HowTo

5 simple rules To fill out your March Madness bracket

1.Rankings Matter
2.Strong Conferences
4.Margin of Victory
5.Point Spread Victory

CBB: Elite 8 Round Trends & Tidbits

The Road to the Final Football Live Betting Lines nfl football betting Online Bingo Sportsbook Bicimotos Four has just one step remaining for eight lucky college basketball teams. A victory in the Elite 8 games on Saturday & Sunday will put four teams in Indianapolis for next weekend’s festivities. Who will it be though? Are there any trends or systems from past NCAA tournaments that will give us an idea of what to expect in the four games over the next two days? Of course there are, and we’re here to share some of those with you. After reading through the Elite 8 Trends & Tidbits, be sure to click over to the LIVE ODDS and GAME MATCHUPS pages on for the latest key game information.
* Lesser seeds hold an overall advantage in this round since 1998, going 29-17-2 ATS (63%).

* Since eight straight covers by lesser seeds in the Elite 8 round games of 2005 & 2006, better seeds, all #1’s, have gone 8-4 SU & 7-5 ATS.

* In Elite 8 games that have had pointspreads of 3-points or less, the lesser seeds are on an incredible run of 17-4 SU & 16-5 ATS (76%), including 13-3 SU & ATS as underdogs!

* Teams favored by 8-points or more in the quarterfinal round have lost just two of the last 12 games outright, but are just 3-9 ATS (25%).

* Teams seeded #4 or worse and taking on a better seed are on a 15-5 ATS (75%) run in the quarterfinal games.

* There has only been one upset in the Elite 8 round since ’98 when the difference between the seeds has been five or more. In such game, the better seeds are 12-1 SU but 4-8-1 ATS (33%).

* The Elite 8 round has been the highest scoring of any round over the last eight years, with games averaging a total of 147.5 PPG while going 28-15-1 OVER (65%).

* In games with totals less than 145, the OVER has been spectacular, 22-7 (76%). In games between “A” level conference teams, the OVER is 20-9 since ’99.

More Elite 8 Notes
• #1 Seed favs > 7 pts are 0-7 ATS vs foe off BB ATS wins

• #2 Seeds are 2-9-1 ATS off a DD ATS win

• #3 Seeds are 1-4 ATS

• #4 Seeds are 7-1 ATS

• #5 Seeds are 4-0 SU and ATS

• #6 Seeds are 0-6 SU

• #8 or higher seeds are 6-2-2 ATS

• Teams off BB ATS losses are 6-2 ATS

• Teams with Revenge are 12-4-1 ATS

• Favs who scored < 65 pts last game are 0-5 ATS

• Dogs off 3 straight DD wins are 1-4-1 ATS

• Dogs who scored 85 < pts last game are 1-4 ATS

Top Four NCAA Seeds Set in Stone

One of the most anticipated televised programs for college basketball fans is this Sunday’s Selection Show on CBS. This is where the entire field of 65 teams is announced and college basketball teams anxiously await to find who, where and if they are part of the illustrious field. In most years, the top seeds are in question, pending the outcomes of conference tournaments. Most of the time a couple of the top teams are considered safe during Championship Week, however anywhere from four to eight teams come down the stretch with at least an outside chance to snag a coveted No.1 seed. Until this year. Read on for a look at the teams figured to snare the #1's on Sunday then head over to the FUTURES page to get the tournament championship odds on all the teams.

All season we have listened to the offerings of ESPN’s Jay Bilas telling us there are no great teams, which is partially correct, but sometimes true greatness isn’t measured until we’ve had time to reflect.

For the last couple of weeks, we have also been told that this year’s NCAA tournament could be “one of the wackiest ever” (from Dick Vitale) and as many as eight to 12 teams are capable of putting together a six game winning streak and be crowned champions.

Unless a catastrophic injury occurs, like what happened to Purdue, the four number one seeds are already locked. Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse and Duke will be at the top of each of the four regions, thus saving you from having to watch the first five minutes of the Selection Show should you so choose.

You can put in the book, even if all your teams were to lose their first game of the conference tournament, they would all still emerge as No.1’s.

What makes me so sure, all you have to do is look up the odds to win the national championship at This is how it currently reads.
Kansas +200 (bet $100 to win $200)
Kentucky +300
Syracuse +300
Duke +700

They are the top four teams in every legitimate ranking service and the next group down is for the near-sighted.

Until last week, Kansas State still had a argument, sort of an under the radar choice, but losing to the Jayhawks in Lawrence and carrying that baggage around to falter against Iowa State at home a few days later, takes them out of contention.

Purdue had a very legit chance to crack this cluster, however the unfortunate loss of Robbie Hummel still leaves the Boilermakers high in the polls, but not to those placing futures wagers. Purdue is down to +3500 to be crowned champions, placing them below Wisconsin (+2500), but above Tennessee (+5000).

I asked COO Ken White of Las Vegas Sports Consultants what he would speculate Purdue would have been with healthy Hummel and he said “Purdue opened (the season) at 12-1 and if Hummel had not been injured, the Boilermakers would likely have been 7 to 1 or 8 to 1”.

West Virginia and Ohio State are among the favorites to win the Big East and Big Ten conference tournaments, however even if they did come away as titlist’s, the Mountaineers have six losses and until knocking off Villanova last week, there most impressive road was against Seton Hall (?). The Buckeyes have suffered seven defeats and the loss at North Carolina back in November doesn’t help the resume now and they were also beaten by West Virginia. Both teams are +1200 to win it all.

A case could be made for New Mexico, if they were 31-0 instead of 28-3. Much like a non-BCS conferences in football, the Lobos spectacular surprise season is outstanding, just not good enough to be top seed unless they were unscathed. Interestingly, New Mexico is +4500 to be national champions.

In the end, if there are truly no great teams, than what is the rest of the field? Is this the year a Villanova (’85) or N.C. State (’74) from yesteryear comes out of nowhere to pull a Buster Douglas and shock the world? We are about to find out, backed with the knowledge whom the top four seeds already are.